The (in)dependence of research is a key strategic problem of modern societies and a central concern of science studies. However, current research on (in)dependence faces several challenges, which include balancing normative and analytical considerations, treating (in)dependence as a multi-level problem, integrating different disciplines, and addressing changing conditions for (in)dependence and second-order effects. Our aim is to develop a conceptually based interdisciplinary research program on the (in)dependence of research, the conditions and mechanisms producing it, and its consequences for the content of research. This aim shall be achieved by

  • Answering specific research questions in conventional projects where this seems possible in light of the current state of the art (see also projects)
  • Developing an agenda for an interdisciplinary research program on (in)dependence of research
  • Integrating theoretical perspectives and empirical research into a broader framework of independence and objectivity in science

To work toward this goal, our research group unites researchers from sociology, psychology, philosophy and medicine (see also who we are).