Principal investigator: Klaus Lieb

PhD student: Marlene Stoll

Coordinator: Lara Hubenschmid
University: University Medical Center Mainz

The project SoCIReM (Second order effects of Conflict of Interest Regulations in Medicine) builds on the observation that the increasing regulation of conflicts of interest (COI) in medicine may have unintended and possibly negative consequences for the independence of research and scientific progress. A central tenet of most COI regulation is the declaration of COIs, but recent research suggests that COI declarations may increase the risk of bias resulting from COI. Our research group will analyze the impact of policies for the management of COIs on the independence of research by surveying researchers affected by such regulations. We intend to study the experiences that physicians make with the regulations of COI as well as the effects of regulations (i.e. disclosure) and possible moderators on advice-giving behavior.