Concept Integration Stream

Prinicipal investigator: Torsten Wilholt
PhD student: David Hopf
University: Leibniz University Hannover

The concept integration stream will establish a conceptual framework that can accommodate a wide range of perspectives in empirical studies on independence in the sciences, both from the other InRes-projects and beyond. Independence is a crucial concept for the analysis of various phenomena connected to conflicts of interest and bias as well as the professional autonomy of researchers and scientific freedom. The conceptual analysis of “independence of research” connects qualitative and quantitative studies with questions from the philosophy of science concerning different aspects of objectivity, trustworthiness, and scientific progress. Competing contemporary analyses will be critically assessed against the background of the empirical material. The concept integration stream is aimed at an improved understanding of individual cases, guiding principles as well as philosophical background theories through a process of mutual adjustment. Thus it will support the tasks of analysis and reflection within the research projects and at the same time make use of empirical results to contribute to conceptual-philosophical debates.